Privacy Policy

Doxzilla has developed a privacy policy. To protect personal information of all members who contact to Doxzilla, everyone can be confident that All contact information will not be published to the outside is strictly prohibited

Scope of Policy

This Policy covers the Company's performance of personal data received or stored. in connection with your visit or use of this website Which will collect your personal information in the event of applying for membership, such as name - surname (Name), age (Age), gender (Gender), address (Address), telephone number (Telephone Number) or e-mail (Email Address), etc., which are not information. which is usually known to the public

Activation, exchange and disclosure of personal information

Persons who have the right to know and use member's personal information Must be an employee of the company with authority related only to the matter you have requested to do. sharing such information with other employees will be limited to doing so only in cases of necessity. only for the fulfillment of your request to fulfill its purpose. The company will not sell your personal information to third parties. or exchange or disclose to any other person except in the following cases

You have requested and given your consent to the Company. To disclose personal information

Disclosure is a duty required by law. in accordance with the terms of the Company's agreement

The Company may enter into and/or have agreements with third parties to develop or maintain the Company's transaction systems. and the allocation of key factors or services on behalf of the company which outsiders who come to operate for Thai companies or to act on behalf of that company Must agree to maintain the information of the service users of the company. Keep it a secret as well. They must also be bound by applicable laws. Whenever the Company employs any other legal entity to support the company's services those legal entities The Company's confidentiality standards must also be adhered to.

Accessing Doxzilla

The Company is able to continually improve the service of Doxzilla. The Company may use hardware or software to collect information about the browsing behavior of Doxzilla members for the purpose of improving the service to reach the target audience. which such information will be a collection of information in the Access date and time type of query internet service provider and access to various content Both before and after using Doxzilla

Security system

The company will maintain the standard of security. To protect your personal information strictly This is for the purpose of protecting prevent damage and/or accessing your personal data by an unauthorized person

Exceptions to liability that members should be aware of

Users of the service should consider and be careful about the disclosure of personal information. which you must be careful and responsible for yourself because there is only you that can access your personal information If there is any damage in any case The company reserves the right to disclaim liability. or all damage incurred

Use of Cookies

Cookies mean information sent from the website to the computer (Browser) of the visitor of the website. While visiting the Doxzilla website

The Company may investigate browsing behavior. of members who have accounts with the company and use of services linked to the Doxzilla website as part of that company's security process Next Step may use "cookies" to verify authenticity. for member requests

The "cookies" are set by the company. and will terminate after linking the information on the part of the company If you visit the Doxxilla website using a search engine, this search engine may use cookies. to store your information, you should therefore consult the privacy protection policies imposed by such search programs.

Amendments, changes, additions to this Privacy Policy Your access to the services of the website This constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy. and your continued use of the service after the announcement of the amendment any additional changes would be accepted each time as well

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